Actual, dimensional, and chargeable weight

Know about Actual, dimensional, and chargeable weights in International Courier

What is Actual Weight ?

The total physical mass of a package is the actual weight. Kilograms is the unit in which the weight counts. Actual weight is actually what the product weights after packaging. For example, if the weight of the shipment is 8 pounds. According to the scale, the actual weight is 8 pounds.

What is Dimensional weight?

Dimensional weight is also known as DIM weight. Here, talking about the Dimensional Weight or Volumetric weight. The word Volumetric has come from the word Volume and Volume equal to length* breath*height.

How to calculate Dimensional (DIM) Weight or Volumetric Weight Calculator?

1. The first thing you need to do is measure length, width, and height. The height of any parcel is considered the longest side.
2. The second step is to multiply these measurements to get the cubic size of the package.
3. Then the final step is to divide the cubic size of the package by the dimensional factor called the DIM divisor. It is a number set by carriers that represent cubic inches per pound.

Volumetric weight calculation for air freight

The formula for calculating Volumetric weight differs for air shipments. Calculating the volumetric weight requires the dimensions of the shipment and some divisor. IATA (International Air Transport Association) recommends a divisor of 6000 for air freight. The method used to calculate volumetric weight varies by mode of transportation.
For example –
Now we are going to understand this whole calculation with the help of an example. We are sending our parcel through FedEx.
1. Measuring the height, width, and length of the package.
Height- 7 inches
Width- 15 inches
Length- 12 inches
2. Multiply Height, Width, and Length to get Cubic Inches. 7 inches multiply 15 inches multiply 12 inches = 1260 cubic inches.
3. As we are sending our parcel through FedEx. FedEx DIM Divisor is 139. = Cubic inches / DIM divisor = 1260 cubic inches / 139 = 9.064 pound Here the weight of our package is 9.064 pounds.

NOTE- Here we can see that the Actual weight is 8 pounds, and The Dimensional weight is 9.064 pounds.
Here the Dimensional weight is greater than the actual weight. So the company will consider the greater one hence, is 9.064. But in case the actual weight was more than the Dimensional weight. Then we would have considered the Actual weight.

Why calculating Dimensional weight

Since the amount of space on a delivery truck is limited. Dimensional weight considers package density to determine shipping rates. So even if you have a lightweight package. It could be worth it to measure Dimensional weight. To check how much space the parcel is going to cover. The shipping price is calculated based on the greater of the two – actual weight or the Dimensional weight of the package. The Dimensional weight depends on the size of the parcel. Hence, the bigger the shipment, the proportionally more the Dimensional weight.

Tips to save on Dimensional weight-
1. Try to pack your parcel in the smallest box possible. If the container is compact, the Dimensional weight will be less.
2. If you have a multiple-piece shipment, try to share weight equally between boxes. To avoid paying extra for dimensional weight boxes.
3. Suppose you have oddly shaped goods to send. Then, you should ask the shipping company. If, they can make a custom box to fit your shipping needs.
4. If you are shipping fluffy clothes, try to seal them in airtight bags before packing them in boxes. It will save space in the parcel.

What is Chargeable weight ?

Chargeable weight is an exact quantity used to calculate the freight rate. According to the courier, the cost calculator is not only the actual weight. It is necessary for the actual pricing for the transportation. But, also the required space covered based on its dimensions is also crucial. A large shipment with light weight is generally more expensive than a compact shipment with the same weight. The goods are charged for transportation, not only considering their actual weight. But also the volumetric weight is because vessels have limitations on both space and weight. They couldn’t reasonably charge the same amount. For goods of equal weight if they take up very different amounts of space.

International courier price calculator

Using the international courier charges calculator, you can get the best delivery offer for your shipment. The process is easy, and all you have to do is fill in a few details. And a few values into the calculator. These include the weight, the shipping origin and destination postal codes, and the dimensions of your package. It will give you the actual cost of the shipment.

International courier service

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Deskmate international courier

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Deskmate cost calculator

After entering the weight and destination data into our Live Cost Courier Charges calculator, you can estimate the cost. Check the charges of Economy and Express Courier based on your specific needs and expectations.

Deskmate Volumetric calculator

One of the most common ways to calculate the volumetric weight is by multiplying the length, width, and height (in cm and then dividing the digit by 5000.
Formula = length * breath * height (cm)/ 5000.
Although, you can easily calculate the volumetric weight by filling length, width, and height in a deskmate volumetric calculator.

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