Deskmate Global Express – Dedication to Unique Customers”

Dedication to Unique Customers in Deskmate International Courier

Deskmate International Courier is one of the best international couriers in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Also, the leading International courier has the progressive thinking of becoming a fast-growing company. Deskmate Global is a courier company that is customers oriented and provides the best solution to the problem coming during transit. The company’s best features are to have a safe and convenient delivery, and it also gives the best guidance regarding customs clearance and product packaging for better delivery.

History of Deskmate Global Courier

Deskmate is an International courier company owns decades of experience in the Logistics Field. Deskmate Global was established in 2009, and from then on they have started their journey they have served the best to their customers and are doing the best of their work. Deskmate Global is helping in sending documents, letters, and goods since 2009 to domestic and international destinations.

Deskmate’s Speciality in shipping

1. Medicine- You can send your medicine from Chennai to anywhere Abroad. Medicines are the miracle of any disease, and Deskmate provides the safe and secure delivery of medicine to your friends and relatives. Deskmate International courier helped numerous patients by delivering medicines on time.
2. Garments- You can also send your Garments to your friends and relatives anywhere abroad. These Garments are famous abroad and are precious when sent by you to your beloved ones as a gift and present. These movements are made special by Deskmate Global.
3. Letters and Documents- Customers can easily send their letters and documents through the best services by Deskmate International.
4. Excess Baggage- Shipping your excess baggage is always a headache, but Deskmate Global helps customers to deliver excess baggage anywhere in the world.
5. University and college Applications- Numerous students dream of completing their higher studies with some international colleges. Here, Deskmate Global helps accomplish those dreams by facilitating them submit their Application Forms on time.
6. Culture and Divine Items- India is famous for its culture and prosperity. Deskmate helps in delivering Cultural and Divine items abroad.
7. Homemade Food Items- Home food always connects to the hearts of people. When people go abroad, they miss their home Food a lot. Here Deskmate Global helps deliver their Home Food to their Family.

Best Of Deskmate Global

Below are some of the best of Deskmate Global –
1. Doorstep Pickup – One of the best of Deskmates is that it is Convenient to the customers as they provide Doorstep Pickup to the customers so that their customers do not have to go anywhere for the dispatch of goods.
2. Customized Packaging – Another best of Deskmate Global is their Customized Packaging as it helps the customer in packaging their parcel in the best way it should be also sometimes they help you in packaging your parcel according to the nature of your goods.
3. Online Tracking – Online tracking is one of the best features provided by Deskmate Global as it helps both customers and the company to take action when there is any problem during transit. Also, the customer can check the locations from time to time.
4. Transparent Pricing – The pricing policy of the Deskmate Global Courier is made keeping in mind their customers’ affordability. Also, the cost is determined according to the services they are providing, which is not too low and not high at all.
5. Customer Support – Customer support is the team of people who helps customer resolve their problems through calls or texts. Customers Support is the most important area of services provided by Deskmate as your customers are open to asking you anything related to your business and the services they are taking. They need to contact your team whenever and wherever required.
6. Express Delivery – This is one of the best services which are in demand by customers. As there are many goods called perishable goods which destroys in a short period and are delivered very shortly say one or two days. So Express Courier helps in delivering such items and makes it an easy and convenient job for customers.

Deskmate as Customer-Oriented

Deskmate Global is customer oriented as they take all the decisions in the customers’ favour. They have the best services which resolve every problem of the customers also their services are proved to be the best. Deskmate Global is the customer’s choice as they resolve all problems in a single platform. They also give you the proper guidance on the packaging, delivery, and the very important Custom Clearance. They deliver your package to more than 200 countries with an accuracy of 30,000 customers all over. The average delivery of the parcel is 2 – 6 days, and if chosen one-day delivery is then it’s delivered on that particular day only.

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