Easiest and Cheapest Way to Ship Books Internationally

Easiest and Cheapest Way to Ship Books for International Courier

Shipping books is not a difficult task to do. With correct tips and techniques, you can parcel your books easily as they are made simply and properly.

Tips for Cheapest Courier for Books

1. Compare the prices of delivery
You should go to your Google Search Engine and search for the best price available for the delivery of your book. Choose the best one for your budget.
2. Great service Provider
The company you are choosing should be great in the work they are doing. There must be no compromise on the quality of delivery. Read the terms and conditions of the delivery and then make a wise decision.
3. Good Customer Service
The courier company should have a team so that you can contact them anytime, whenever there is any urgency, and they should provide you with some tools so that you are safe and convenient with your consignment delivery.
4. Wise decisions on Packaging
Make the packaging so accurate as it’s the thing which is going to increase or decrease the cost of your delivery. Below are some of the best tips for packaging.

Packaging of Books for Delivery

Packaging is crucial as it is the technique that safeguards your book. There may be two cases. The first case is that you are sending a single book, and the other may be that you are sending a good number of books. So the packaging may differ for both cases. Here are some tips for good packaging
1. Using Best Quality Material
Using the best quality packing material is essential as it helps to add a protective layer to your books. Also, using good quality packaging items will ensure that your books are not moving from their place.
2. Inserting filters for safety
While packaging makes sure that your books are not hitting the Walls of the package as it may cause damage to both books and the box. It’s important to use fillers, you may use wrapped bubbles or simple papers, just you need to fill the space for proper sight packaging. There will be no requirement for filler in case you are sending single books but either you can use bubble wrap.
3. Secondary packaging
After using the Original packaging, use the secondary packaging for more safety and security. The secondary packaging is going to safeguard the initial packaging hence safeguarding the final product. You Boz should be hard in nature as it will secure the books and will not let them move from the middle. Secondary packaging is not at all required in sending a single book.
4. Proper Sized Box
While packaging, it’s crucial to use the accurate size box according to the size of your book, and it also depends on the number of books you are sending. The box should be accurate enough that it should not be too loose and on the other hand, it should not be a too tight fit.
5. Proper Sealing
After the initial packaging followed by secondary packaging is done. It’s very important to do the proper sealing of the product. Use good quality sealing tape and there must be no space vacant for the sealing. The sealing should also be done twice for more safety and security.
6. Using Labels
After the sealing is done, attach labels to the package in more than two places for more visibility so that there is no confusion. Also the label should be fully informative and should have all the necessary information like the address, the name of the person, the contact, etc.
Pro Tip
If you are sending a single book with a courier then it’s suggested not to invest in any rectangular box or secondary packaging as a high-quality envelope with good padding will do its work nicely, also it’s a cheaper option for packaging. They are not also cheap but also light which will not increase the overall weight of the package. Hence sending your book most cheaply.

Best International Courier Companies

There are tons of courier companies in India, and they are providing the best services possible cheaply and easily possible. One of the best couriers in India is Deskmate Global Courier. Below are some of the best of Deskmate Courier.

Deskmate Global courier

Deskmate Global Courier is a courier service in Chennai established in 2009 serving their best for decades. They are customer oriented and provide the best services to their customers. The best feature of the company is to have safe parcel delivery, and Deskmate Global is the customer’s choice as they resolve all kinds of problems in a single platform. They also give you the proper guidance on the packaging, delivery and the very important Custom Clearance. They deliver your package to more than 200 countries with an accuracy of 30,000 customers all over. The average package delivery takes 2 – 6 days. And if chosen one-day delivery so it will deliver on that particular day only.

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