Handling of Customs Formalities & Duties in Originating & Destination Countries

Customs Formalities & Duties in International Courier

Shipping and Custom formalities are governed by Section 40 of the custom act1962. According to this act if we are dealing in export-import we have to go through the process of shipping and customs formalities. At the time of Export and Import, the customs department evaluates the venue of goods with the current market price. So that any exporters cannot be under the invoice or over invoice at the time of export and import, Custom formalities are also crucial for collecting customs duty for such goods.

Process of Custom clearance for exportable goods

1. Preparation and Submission of Export Documents – Export prepares all the necessary documents which are required for export and submits those documents to the customs department.
* Commercial Invoice
* Packing List
* Certificate of Origin
* Shipping Bill
* Insurance Certificate

2. Verification of Documents – After receiving the Documents Custom authority verify all the documents submitted by the exporter.

3. Valuation of Goods – After verification of documents, the customs authority will evaluate the current market price of the goods and they will match that price with the Value return on that price. There may not be a huge variation in price.

4. Obtaining carting order from the port trust authority – Without taking the carting order exporter cannot move his container inside the port area, For obtaining the carting order exporter has to fill in all the entries in the carting register including the name of goods, port of origin, and port of destination. Only after the carting order vehicle and containers are allowed to enter into port premises.

5. Custom Examination – During the customs clearance, process customs authorities take a sample of goods for evaluation to stop smuggling from India.

6. Issue of let export order – After custom examination customs authorities issue the let export order by writing let export in the shipping bill. This means the custom authority has granted permission for export.

7. Issue of Let Ship Order – After the let export order custom the preventive officer writes let ship on the same shipping bill. This means the customs department is permitting the shipment of goods from India without these orders no one export or make shipment of goods from Indian ports.

8. Obtaining Mate’s Receipt – There are documents issued by the commanding officer or captain of the ship while receiving the container on the vessel. In this receipt description of goods and packing quality of the goods.

9. Obtaining a Bill of lading – After the issue of the mate, the receipt exporter deposited that mate receipt in the shipping company’s office. For example: If the exporter is sending the goods through any shipping company. So he will submit the mate’s receipt. In the office of that company after that, only the shipping company issued the Bill of loading.

10. Payment of Port Charges – The last exporter will clear all the port dues, like loading and unloading charges for the container.

Custom Clearance

The goods must be cleared from customs before they can be loaded on the ship.
For obtaining custom clearance, the exporter prepares a shipping bill.
The shipping bill is the main document based on which the customs office permits export.
Shipping bills contain a particular of the goods being exported, the name of the vessel, the port at which goods are to be discharged, the country of final destination, the export’s name, address, etc.

Custom Duty

Customs duty is a sort of tax that is levied in International Trade. Government charges custom duty on the Import and Export of goods.

Custom Broker

Anybody who has been licensed under the regulations to discharge the duties as a customs broker. The customer broker is right at the center of International Trad. It is who ensures compliance. It is who ensures the whole export and import happen within the boundary of law.

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