How international shipping works

The Work flow of International Courier and shipping

International shipping is a means of transport. It is used in transporting various goods throughout the globe. As in most cases, its goal is to link two countries separated by a sea or ocean. International shipping links many countries and helps in building not only professional connections. But emotional connections as well. You can say that international shipping is the exchange of goods and services between two or more countries. That connects people around the globe. International transport is a broader concept if we compare it to domestic transport. It involves many rules and regulations, which must follow in international transport. There are different sets of rules and regulations in each country. That a person is to follow during custom clearance. Besides laws and provisions, time zones, language barriers, and currency exchanges make international shipping more complex than domestic shipping.

Seven steps of International shipping

There are Five physical and two documentation steps in International Shipping.
Export Haulage
Export Haulage includes the transport of the cargo. From the shipper to the freight forwarder warehouses. Export haulage usually occurs through a mix of truck or train transportation. And can happen over a few days to weeks deciding on the distance and location where it needs to travel. Handling the cargo at the shipper’s premises is not considered part of export haulage. As offloading the truck at the forwarder’s premises is not part of export haulage.
Export customs clearance
Then comes the second step, which is export customs clearance. Export Customs clearance is an act of carrying goods. Through the customs authority to ease the movement of cargo outside the country. That is Export. Freight forwarders perform export customs clearance with a valid license. Or an agent appointed by the freight forwarder. The accumulation of all the required documents ensures smooth verification.
Origin handling
Origin handling comprises several activities performed by the NVOCC. There are many steps carried out under origin handling by many different parties. Origin handling covers all physical handling and inspection of the goods. From receiving it at the origin warehouse till it is overwhelmed on a ship in a container.
Ocean Freight
Ocean freight is a method of transporting large loads of goods by sea – putting cargo in large containers that are loaded onto vessels. Over 90% of all the world’s trade is transported by sea – and even more in some countries. The freight forwarder decides on a shipping line to perform the ocean freight. From origin to destination to meet the required timelines of the shipments.
Import customs clearance
Authorities in the destination country must import customs clearance for all cargo moving into the country. Import customs clearance can begin before the load arrives at its destinated country. As per the Customs Act, all goods imported into a country must pass through the procedures of customs. For the proper assessment, appraisal, examination, and evaluation. This process helps the customs authorities in charging the proper tax. And also, check the goods against illegal imports.
Destination handling
Destination handling comprises several activities, starting with receiving documents from the NVOCC’s office or agent at origin, checking the documents, and submitting the original carrier bill of lading to the shipping line. Then the container is collected at the port and brought to the destination warehouse where. It is un-stuffed and the cargo is inspected and sorted either for onward transportation or collection by the consignee.
Import Haulage
The last step is the Import Haulage. The transfer of the cargo from the import warehouse to the consignee address and the cargo’s final destination is referred to as import haulage. It would usually be by truck or a combination of truck and train and can take from a few hours to many days, depending on the distance and the geography.

International Shipping Services

Courier services help to transfer our goods from one place to another. Not only domestic but also international. Many courier companies provide international courier services. That will give you the best possible experience. Some of them are Shiprocket X, DHL, Aramex, DTDC, Ecom Express, Delhivery, etc. There are many companies in the market. Which will give you the best speed those companies are known as express courier international. International shipping price depends on factors. Like the company you choose, the goods you want to send, the destination, the distance, the way you send, etc. Also, if you are looking forward to overseas shipping your goods. Then, choose the company keeping in mind all the factors that can ship your goods with proper safety.

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