How to send imitation jewels abroad ?

Send imitation jewels to abroad in International Courier

The word explains everything Imitation means a copy of something real. So Imitation Jewellery is Jewellery which is designed using a variety of Artificial materials. There are various names for Imitation Jewellery and they are artificial jewellery, imitated jewellery, trinkets, fashion jewellery, junk jewellery, fake jewellery, and gallery. This Imitation Jewellery collection is a very beautiful collection of jewellery which is in High demand in the market as it has tons of benefits and is available at a wide range with affordable prices.

Importance of Indian Imitation Jewellery

These Imitation Jewellery are so precious, and also these jewellery are crucial. So, some of the importance of imitation jewellery are mentioned below that will provide you with great Insights –
1. Price -As we are all aware the price of gold is at its peak, and it’s always affordable to many people. So this beautiful Imitation Jewellery collection is the cheaper alternative to your gold jewellery. This jewellery is available at a low price and goes a specific price which is affordable for numerous customers.
2. Versatility – The Versatility of these Imitation Jewellery collections is Unbeatable. These are types of jewellery which are preferred at any place and on every occasion.
3. Long Lasting – This Imitation Jewellery is designed with copper or brass material which gives the jewellery a long-lasting and finished look. Many of these are covered with gold polish, which concludes with a gorgeous look.
4. Variety -Imitation Jewellery comes with a wide range of variety which attracts customers as it’s affordable and widely available. In general, an individual can not purchase real gold with a wide range of variety as purchasing various gold ornaments is not practical for all.
5. Safety -Safety is the most crucial thing in the case of jewellery. When an individual is wearing gold ornaments, then there is always stress about loss or theft. But it’s not in the case of Imitation Jewellery as it’s not so expensive that there is any fear of loss or theft

Facts about Indian Imitation Jewellery

1. India is the 2nd largest exporter of these Imitation Jewellery collections. China comes first then, followed by Indian and then Pakistan.
2. India exports its precious Imitation Jewellery Collection United States, Spain and the United Kingdom.
3. India has over 78,439 shipments of Imitation Jewellery.
4. Imitation Jewellery contributes about 14% of the total merchandise exports of India.

How to export Imitation Jewellery from India

Every country has there own rules and regulations regarding the Import and Export procedure. India has its way of export procedure. There are many ways through which you can export your goods outside the country. One of the best ways to send goods from one place to another is through Courier companies as they are going to help you from your pickup of goods till the final delivery of goods to the destination. There are many international courier companies in India which are going to provide you with the best possible services. Some of the best courier companies include DHL courier, DTDC courier, FedEx courier, Shiprocket international courier, TCI express and many more. These courier companies are some of the best courier companies in India which are going to help you with the whole process including the Custom Clearance process too. These courier services are very well known for their services and good work. These courier services will send your parcel from India to anywhere and will provide you with some other facilities like tracking facility, insurance facility, door pickup and many more. These services will give you the best possible experience for the delivery.

Documents Required for exporting Imitation Jewellery

1. Permanent Account Number (PAN)
2. Authorised Dealer Code (AD code)
3. Goods and Service Tax Identification Number (GSTIN)
4. Import Exporter Code (IEC) by DGFT.
5. Business Identification Number (BIN)
6. Registration Cum Membership Certificate
7. Certificate of origin
8. Certificate of Insurance

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