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When you hear the title International Trade, you may have a strong image of a heavily loaded vessel traveling overseas. But a variety of products are exported and imported by air every day. In terms of volume, it is said over 90 percent of cargo is transported by sea. But from a cost point of view, 30 percent is transported by air for import and export. Air shipment lays out an enormous impact on global economic activities. In addition, the cost of air shipment is several times higher than sea shipment. However, the best advantage is being able to transport cargo quickly. Other advantages are it can provide an appropriate environment when transporting fresh food, medical products, and sensitive equipment. Also, it can transport quickly, so that the products can be delivered to the market sooner. These advantages are special characteristics of air shipment.

Process of air shipment

Carrying in

Exporting by air

When exporting products using air shipment, the manufacturer first decides the cargo dispatch schedule and then indicates the delivery time for the overseas customer. At the same time, the exporter will select their freight forwarder and ask them to book the flight. After that, information such as dispatch date, the date they wish to book a flight, contents of the products, weight, and delivery destinations will be provided to the freight forwarder. Also, based on the contents of the product, other required documentation, such as invoice, packing list, and shipping instructions called (SI) will be provided to the freight forwarder by the exporter. Then, according to the date of the flight, the cargo will be delivered to the warehouse of the freight forwarder or the packing company, which will is located near the airport. These are some processes involved before the cargo is loaded onto the aircraft after the cargo is delivered to the warehouse. In terms of the air shipment schedule, they often set a schedule for the cargo delivery on the same day of the flight or one day prior. It is not unusual to receive a request from an exporter, that they have urgent cargo and they request, “The product dispatch from the factory today needs to be to be loaded onto the next day flight.” After the cargo is delivered to the freight forwarder’s warehouse, there are some processes, which need to be completed to export the air shipment as follows: Explosive inspection, cargo weighing, attaching a label called Air Way Bill, and packing process if necessary.

Express Courier

The fastest form of shipping is an express courier. Usually, standard shipping takes around 2 to 8 days to deliver, while the express delivery ship in only one day. The clients have to pay the extra shipping charge for express delivery. The shipment travels by plane for most of its journey resulting in fast delivery.

IATA Cargo Agents

IATA stands for International Air Transport Association and is a trade association. It regulates all the airlines, airports, and air transport between countries. More than 200 airlines are the partners of IATA, and around more than 100 as well. IATA makes rules and regulations related to every aspect of air transport. IATA cargo agents work as follows:
Innovating and adopting new techniques in shipment handling.
Providing an engaging customer experience.
Managing cost challenge.
Optimizing cargo operations.
Maximizing profit.

Direct export

Ecommerce creates a window for buying and selling goods from and to the rest of the world. When the export is directly carried out by the manufacturer of the goods, it is called direct export. It requires high set-up costs. The direct exporter himself has to bear all the risks from production to distribution. This method is suitable for large enterprises as it requires huge costs and resources. No export broker or export company is involved in direct export. Since the manufacturer carries out the exporting activity, he is entitled to make his own pricing decisions. All the activities such as packing, promotion, shipment, and distribution are carried out on their own, manufacturer enjoys the control over the entire export activity. It leads to a better knowledge of the export market and international enterprise due to direct contact.

International Courier in Chennai

International courier companies in Chennai are well known for their quality services. They have happy and satisfied customers. Courier services in Chennai are skilled enough that they have solutions for your every logistic problem. International Courier in Chennai has a broad line of services. Such as :
Air Freight
Ocean Freight
Express Delivery
Project Cargo
Chennai courier companies deliver customer shipments safely and conveniently in a time-bound manner. They provide door-to-door services. They also have good customer support so that, they can easily assist customers and provide solutions for any kind of query during shipment.

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