Cost of sending a package internationally

International Courier shipping charges from Chennai

International courier is the process of sending goods from one country to another. International trade holds across the globe. It is held outside the borders of the country. International shipping is the import and export of goods and services between different countries. That makes a connection between people around the globe. Sending packages internationally is a broader concept as compared to the trade that takes place within the country. As in international trade, there are lots of things to do like the process, distance, customs process, and many rules and regulations that are put in different countries. There are various sets of rules and regulations that are complied with in many countries during the import and export customs process. Besides laws and procedures, time zones, language barriers, and currency exchanges make international shipping more complex than domestic shipping.

Factors affecting the price of international shipping

If you are shipping the goods internationally. Then certain things are to be considered. These factors have the potential to impact the delivery price of your shipment. the factors are-

Cost of fuel– One of the most important criteria in freight modal choices is the transport operating cost and that decides the international courier rates. The main challenge of today’s transport costs is the oil price. Freight movement in most modes remains largely dependent on expensive and finite fossil fuels, predominantly diesel fuel. Due to the unpredictability of fuel prices, many shipping companies have to raise their prices for their customers.

Trade Tariffs and customs – Trade Tariffs and customs are an important part when it comes to international trade. As it is a very complex and time-consuming process that varies in different countries. How to import demand responds to changes in tariffs will depend on a variety of factors. These include the reaction of producers and consumers to price changes, the share of imports in domestic production and consumption, the substitutability of imports for domestic products, and so on. When a country imposes trade tariffs on another country. The country on the receiving end is likely to put in place trade tariffs of its own, limiting trade between the two countries.

Size and weight– The important factor is the size and the weight of the goods which you are sending. International shipping is like domestic shipping when it comes to size and weight as it will affect the cost of the shipment.

Transportation method – Transportation method means the way by which you are sending your goods. In domestic shipping, you have various options available. Which are not so available in international shipping. As you have limited options when it comes to overseas shipping. There are mainly two options when it is overseas that is air mode and ocean mode. And the cost of the two can vary a lot depending upon the customers’ demand.

Time and urgency – The cost of the shipment also depends on the delivery urgency of the customer’s package. As you need to ship your goods within a limited time and fast. Then you should prefer to choose air mode over ocean mode. As our mode is the fastest possible transport. And will give you the best service when it comes to time and urgency. The selection of air mode will affect your cost of shipment.

How to calculate the cost of the shipment

Here is the process by which you can find out the cargo’s cost.
1. Open your international shipping calculator & start filling up the essentials.
2. Select which country you want to ship to from the drop-down menu.
3. Provide the package weight information in KG/LB.
4. Also, you can fill in the volumetric weight details, which is optional.
5. Now press the Get An Estimate button to know the estimated courier charge. Different procedures are available in distinguish international shipping companies that vary differently.

International shipment company

Many international shipping companies will provide you with the best possible service. And you can compare the prices amongst the companies and find the best service. There are many shipping services available to choose from them. But which are the best, you have to decide according to your needs and budget. Many companies like DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, Australia Post, Canada Post, Royal Mail, and DB Schenker are there.

Deskmate International Courier

Deskmate Global Express is the cheapest international courier service in Chennai. The moment you enter the weight and destination data into our Live Cost Courier Charges calculator. Here, you can estimate the cost. Check the charges of Economy and Express Courier based on your specific needs and expectations.

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