process for handling the fragile goods

process for handling the fragile goods in International Courier

Fragile goods are those goods which can easily be broken and damaged. Goods like glasses, screens, and ceramics come under fragile goods. While transporting fragile goods, you have to handle the goods carefully and avoid any damage. Often we see fragile labels on the parcel that indicate that the package does contain some stuff that can be easily broken. Such practices aware the general public and workers so that they put proper attention and load and unload carefully. The cushion for these fragile items is the packaging. Packaging plays a significant role thus, packing should be done accurately.

Steps of packaging for fragile goods

1. Choosing the correct packing materials and the requirements for the Item
Size and the shape of the products that you are shipping, box or anything, there should be enough space for the cushioning materials. Value the products and their fragility products need extra cushioning and protection with a fragile label. Place a fragile Label on the box or parcel for good measure to minimize the damages during transportation.

2. Wrapping the items separately
Wrapping and cushioning the items particularly helps to ensure that the products won’t move around and do not damage. What items are affected by dirt, water, or wet conditions and should be placed in a plastic bag for safety

3. Cushioning/filling and using the exact sealing materials
There should be enough filler and cushioning material so that the products don’t move in the box or damage during transit use at least two inches/5-6 CM of cushioning. The package needs a container for delivery. So, use appropriate tape with the width( around 2 inches /5cm).

4. Attaching shipping/ handling labels and sealing the boxes with the H-taping method
It helps I’m keeping the containers or parcel flaps secure during delivery. So then packages don’t open accidentally on their way to the customers. For transporting fragile items, remember to attach fragile handling labels to the parcels. While packaging the consignment is one major part of the presentation, labelling is just as important a factor for ensuring that your consignment parcel has arrived at your destination.

Packaging guidelines for transporting fragile goods through international courier services

1. Boxes should be solidly constructed, preferably with stitched or stapled folds rather than using just sticking wrinkles.
2. Implementation of multiple strips of rock-solid tape to both the top and bottom halves of the case to fix the central crease as well as the two edge wrinkles.
3. Utilizing the new boxes that are at their original capacity and that have not been undermined or the mileage of past use.
4. Make sure that the fragile items are individually wrapped or stuffed. Using and adding heavier, sturdier items on the bottom.
5. And make sure that the corners and the sides of the box are well-braced, but not overstuffed.
6. For materials that are heavy more than 31.5kgs, it is essential to assess your couriering materials to guarantee that they are sufficient for the use of heavy parcel substances.

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