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Many businesses have explored themself and are serving their goods and services. Not only to the domestic country but also to foreign countries. Globalization has expanded itself to a great extent. Expanding your customer base is an essential step when a business is growing. International shipping lets you access thousands of potential customers. And expands your firm’s potential. Now, talking about a particular country. The United States of America is a transcontinental country located in North America. This country is the world’s largest economy. And is the largest exporter and importer of goods and services. Trade is critical to America’s prosperity – fueling economic growth, supporting good jobs at home, and raising living standards. And helping Americans provide for their families with affordable goods and services.

Courier to the USA

Like other countries. We have good relations with the United States of America in overseas trade. In 2021, retail e-commerce sales worldwide amounted to approx. 4.9 trillion US dollars. There is aggressive growth in these figures in e-commerce. One such trade channel is eCommerce between India and USA.
The main products exports from India to the USA are:-
1. Diamonds not mounted (7.98 billion USD)
2. Medicines no individual dosages (7.41 billion USD)
3. Gasoline (3.52 billion USD)
4. Shrimp and crustaceans (2.14 billion USD)
5. Jewelry parts (1.95 billion USD)

The top agricultural products exported from India to the USA are

1. Spices
2. Rice
3. Essential oil
4. Processed fruits and vegetables
5. Other vegetable oils

Best courier services from India to the USA

When we talk about international trade. The principal thing that comes to mind is the courier service. Through which we are looking forward to shipping out goods to the other country. Many companies provide the best International courier services. Some USA courier services are DHL, FedEx, Aramex, Shiprocket X, and many more. These are the leading names for shipping to the United States of America.
Some of the principal facilities which they provide are –
1. Low-cost cross-border shipping solution.
2. Door-to-door services.
3. Delivering international packages on time.
4. Hassle-Free Customs Clearance Process.
5. Provide a tracking facility.
6. Special shipping requirements like hazardous goods and dangerous goods.
7. Repackaging items (if needed) to ensure safe arrival and lower shipping cost.
8. Consolidating several packages to reduce shipping cost
9. Large international shipping rate discounts from carriers (Apex, DHL, DTDC & More).
10. Shipment insurance & Item storage
11. Payment via bank transfer, Paypal, credit card, debit card, net banking & more.
12. International shipping from India to the USA.

Things to keep in mind before choosing any company are the quality of shipment depends on the company you pick. And the service they provide. You should clear all your doubts before selecting any company. And check out all the pros and cons of that particular company. Your wants should match the company’s services. You should check the reviews of the specific companies on a different website. Also, the best way is to consult with your friends and business friends. You should check their services. And the duration they are working in this particular field. You should ask questions like what makes them different, what are their uncommon services, what they can give you best, and how will they be treating your package. And other doubts which pop into your mind. As If you want your goods to be delivered to the USA as you want so you must be careful about certain things. These things will help you ensure a safe and convenient courier.


The distance from India to the United States is 13,568 km. It all depends on the type of company and your goods. But approximately, we can say it takes 3 to 6 days to ship your goods. Also, It depends on the weather and another barrier that comes in the way. You can also track your parcel anytime and anywhere. As the companies provide this facility to their customer for a convenient experience.

Courier from Chennai to the USA

Chennai courier firms are emerging in international courier service. And they are providing the best possible services. When we talk about parcels to the USA from Chennai, there are many well-known international courier services in Chennai. They are a fast, quick, reliable, and trustworthy international courier service. Their vision is to endure close ties with their customers. At the time of offering them a broad range of services. These international courier services provide many facilities to their customers. Like Mail Deliveries Worldwide, Storage, Warehousing Solutions, Domestic, Import Services, Global Freight Forwarding, Packaging, Door to Door Delivery, Express Deliveries, Shipping & International Delivery, cargo shipping, container shipment, and air freight. One of the famous international courier companies is Deskmate international courier. If I am in Chennai, I can find numerous courier services near me that can effectively send a courier to the USA.

Deskmate international courier

Deskmate Global Express is one of the leading International courier services in Chennai. Deskmate Global Express is progressive thinking with fast-growing Logistics solutions. They have years of experience in shipping, running E-Commerce Logistics Solutions, air freight, building Customized Logistics solutions, and accomplishing good results.

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