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Courier companies are the one who provides service in the transportation of goods, messages, a letter, and also assistance from one place to another. There are many courier companies in India that not only limit themselves to domestic services but also provide international services. Some courier companies are Aramex, DTDC, EMS International, DHL, and many more. These couriers are far different from mail services. These couriers are well known for their speed, security, convenience, updated technology, and many others. There is courier sectors or service available in every country, the USA courier services, the Indian Courier services, etc.

Understanding International trade
International trade is the trade that takes place between two countries. We all know that the trade within the country is known as Domestic trade. While on the other hand, international trade is the trade done outside the country’s border. International trade is the exchange of goods and services through countries. For instance, if India sells or purchases goods to or from the US, this is international trade. There are numerous benefits of international trade. Some of them are as follows.
1. International trade allows you to explore your business in other locality.
2. International trade gives you the ease of accessibility that is not available in your country.
3. International trade increases the good relationships between countries.
4. International trade is not only beneficial for businesses, but it’s also beneficial for customers as they have a wide variety available.
5. International trade gives you knowledge of different cultures and their needs.

Tamil Nadu
1. Tamil Nadu is a southern state in India.
2. Tamil Nadu has a population of approximately around 72,147,030
3. This state covers an area of around 130,058 km2.
4. Tamil Nadu’s capital city is Chennai which is famous for its trade and is also the largest city in Tamil Nadu.
5. Tamil Nadu shares its borders with Andhra Pradesh to its north, Karnataka to its northwest, Kerala to its west, and the Indian Ocean to its east and south.

Relationship between India and US

We have already discussed some key features of the state of India, Tamil Nadu. Now it’s time to check the US that is the United States or the United States of America.
1. The United States is a highly developed country.
2. The United States has a population of 331,893,745.
3. The total area covered by this country is 9,833,520 km2.
4. The capital of the country is Washington. It is not the largest city.
Every country is not blessed with all the resources they need. They need to take the help of other countries to maintain their livelihood and further needs and wants. Some resources are available with one country and not with others and vice versa. This cache of unequal distribution of natural resources has bought the solution of Global trade. India and US also have this cache of unequal distribution, and they contribute to the Global market and help each other with their needs and wants.
India and US have a good relationship when it comes to international trade. Also, both countries support each other in their growth and well-being. The United States is the largest partner of India when it comes to international trade. The nation that welcomed India joining the UN Security Council in 2021 was the United States.

Goods US export to India

1. Organic chemicals
2. Precious metal and stone (Diamond)
3. Aircraft
4. Machinery
5. Mineral fuels
6. Cotton
7. Rubber
8. Pharmaceutical products
9. Glass and glassware
10. Edible preparation and many more

Goods India export to the US

1. Leather items
2. Frozen Meat
3. Medical appliances and accessories
4. Textiles
5. Agricultural products
6. Machine
7. Gems and stones
8. Organic chemicals
9. Aluminium
10. Iron and steel and many more.
So with these lists, we can see that both the country India and the USA support each other and plays a chief role in international trade.

International courier

Now it’s time to see the USA courier from Tamil Nadu. Suppose an individual or an institution wants to send parcel or goods to the USA from Tamilnadu, India. In that case, numerous courier companies will transport your goods with safety and security. Some of these courier companies are Express courier, Cheap courier services, DHL, and many more. When we are talking about the courier companies in the capital city of Tamil Nadu, there are various well-known courier services available with the best services and technology, one of the best courier services is the Deskmate International Courier.
Deskmate is the best option for international couriers in Chennai. You can send parcels or goods from anywhere to anywhere. Like you can send to America, to the USA, to Dubai, to anywhere. Deskmate is one of the cheap parcel delivery to the USA. I can search for its US courier services near me.

International courier charges for the USA

There is numerous international courier service to the USA, and they all charge on some basis. The cost of the courier charges depends on certain factors. They are :
1. Distance between the dispatch and destination. For instance, if you want to send a courier to the USA from Tamilnadu. In this case, distance measure.
2. The weight of the goods. Both the actual weight and the dimensional weight are necessary to calculate to get the accurate weight of the goods.
3. The company’s goodwill also affects the charges of the courier. Suppose you choose a company with low goodwill. So, they may charge you less and vice versa.
4. The facilities company is providing. Fewer facilities less charge more facilities more charges.
5. The type of goods you are sending also has certain charges. Like, if you are sending certain food items. In that case, they need a bit of safe for which the courier company may charge you extra.
6. The customer’s urgent need. For instance, if you want to send a parcel to the USA within some time limit, also you may charge some extra amount.

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