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Gifts are the most precious thing everyone loves. It’s the happiest moment when someone puts effort into you and makes the day special. And it’s valuable when an individual is sending you gifts from abroad. Gifts make the relationship between friends and their families stronger and intact. It generates a feeling of happiness and love that is very important when any family lives away from us. These online delivery have emerged in a way that makes you feel connected with your friends and families.

Some crucial questions to be considered

Below are some crucial questions you should consider before sending gifts abroad from any courier company.

How you can send Gifts Abroad?

With the emergence of Courier Companies, the task has become very easy. Now you can send anything, no matter what the thing you are sending. These courier companies help you courier gifts to your friends and families easily. There are several options available for the customers to send couriers, and these options are made keeping in mind the needs and the wants of the customers. Some of these options or features are as follows –
1. Time Duration – You can choose your courier service according to the time lapse you need to send the gift to the destination. Suppose you want your gift to be delivered in just one day, then you should go for a one-day delivery service, and if you are Ok with the time, then you can choose the general courier service.
2. Way of a courier- You can also choose the mode from which you want to send the gift. The options by which you can send your gifts are Railways, Waterways, Roadways and Airways. You should prioritize and choose the best option according to your needs and keep in mind your packet size.
3. Cost-convenient way – As described above, the ways you choose for the delivery will decide your cost. Also, it depends on the good you are sending and their measurements.

How much you can send Gifts Abroad?

Every courier company has rules and regulations that they have decided in advance about the maximum weight limit. Every courier company generates a limit according to the norms of the country the parcel originated. The customers require to select the best courier company according to their needs or the parcel’s weight.

Where do you want to send Gifts?

It’s essential to check where to send the parcel. Every country has rules and regulations considering which parcel needs to be chosen. The types of the parcel you are choosing are not restricted to the country you are sending, the paperwork should be complete and other rules of entry should be followed very strictly.

Proper Ways of Packaging your Gifts

Gifts are a broad word. It may include any good as gifts have no particular definition and a massive in number. Considering the variety of goods involved in gifts, the packaging should be done accordingly.
Some of the common factors involved in the packaging of goods –
1. Proper-sized box- The gift box should be chosen according to the size of the actual gift. If it’s something that does have an uneven shape then the outer box should be chosen according to its dimensions. Overall the box should not be too big or too small. It’s should fit the good properly. Also, the box should be chosen according to the nature of the gift you are sending.
2. Proper seal- Proper sealing is to be done after the gift is accommodated in the well-fitted box. Sealing ensures the proper safety of the goods that entrust that the gift will not come out during transit.
3. Proper label- After sealing, make sure that you paste two or more labels on the box. Also, it should include all the information that is required during the delivery.

Choosing the best courier for your delivery of Gifts

There are many courier companies that are in existence in the current era, and they are performing their best. But every courier company has its way of providing services. Some courier services are good at providing one service, and others may be good at others. So choosing a courier company according to your needs and the service you want is necessary. Some of the International courier companies in Chennai which will help you deliver your Gifts abroad are Hnx International Express, Blue Dart Courier, On Spot Courier, DHL International, Delhivery International Courier, and many more. But one of the best couriers in Chennai is Deskmate International Courier provides you with the best facilities.

Deskmate International Courier

Deskmate Global Express is one of the leading International courier services in Chennai. Deskmate Global Express is progressive thinking with fast-growing Logistics solutions. They have years of experience in the field that provides the customers with an edge in facilities. Also, Deskmate International is one of the most trusted couriers among Customers. The company focuses on the needs and wants of its customers and makes policies and services keeping in mind their customers.

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