What other customized services are handled by Deskmate Global Express?

other customized services handled by Deskmate Global Express in International Courier

Deskmate Global Express is the courier service that delivers your shipment safely and securely in a time-bound manner. Deskmate is one of the best and leading courier services in Chennai. The company has progressive thinking with fast-growing logistics solutions. Deskmate owns a good reputation in the logistics business. The main aim of Deskmate international courier is to help their clients with their problems, provide them with the best solutions, and ensures the best and safe transit of goods. Deskmate international couriers give access to live web tracking, with real-time statistics and door-to-door service. They have a strong reputation and have the best customer reviews all over the market. They provide bulk shipments at affordable prices and ensure that every client is highly-satisfied with their services. Deskmate Global Express has a customized solution for every logistic problem. They offer a wide range of services, and their facilities help to complete the procedure hassle-free.

Air Freight

Air freight is an expensive mode of transport compared to other transportation. It requires massive investment for establishing air transport like ports, planes, etc. It leads to an increase in the final cost. We know that air freight is quick and safe. On the other hand, only air freight works in every emergency case when no other services are available due to natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, etc. At that moment, this is the only transportation mode that provides essential commodities in severe conditions. Deskmate provides the best air freight services in Chennai.

Ocean Freight

Ocean freight is a crucial part of international trade. It is the transporting method often large loads of goods by sea, putting freight in large containers. Sea carries most of the global business. Ocean freight is also known as sea freight. But as it is popular, that does not mean it is the only way for trade. There are some other ways to trade internationally, which include air transport.

Project Cargo

There are two words project and Cargo. National or international transportation of large, heavy, high-value, or critical equipment pieces known as Project cargo. The material included in Project Cargo can be globally sourced or from one specific location. It is one of the most vo Plex types in the logistics industry. There are many obstacles in between, like time constraints, tight delivery dates, and safety requirements, and thus they require the most detailed shipment plans to achieve success in such a project’s delivery. It needs a high and in detail study. In the completion of a project cargo service, oversized goods often have to travel by land, sea, or air to their final destination and may include special accommodations like a road survey or police escort. The industries which use Project cargo are Renewable Energy, Powerplants, etc.


Warehousing primarily refers to the storage of goods to be transported, whether inbound or outbound. The Warehousing and Storage industry includes establishments operating warehousing and storage facilities for general merchandise, refrigerated goods, and other warehouse products. Warehouses are one of the crucial segments of the rapidly growing logistics industry. Currently, the segment has evolved from providing not only custody for goods but also offering value-added services such as sorting, packing, blending, and processing. With the evolution of an organized retail sector, modern warehouses for the storage of perishable goods have become indispensable.


Export is the outflow of goods and services from one country to another. Exports are necessary for economic growth as exports increase the inflow of foreign exchange, and it also permits the expansion of imports for capital goods which are important in increasing productivity and economic growth. Export growth increases the chances of investment in those sectors in which a country has a comparative advantage which helps in increasing national output and raising the rate hence leading to economic growth. The greater the proportion of exports concerning a country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the larger the boost will be to overall growth when overseas demand increases.


he economic growth of a country depends on economic, social, political, and external factors. Trade is one of the economic factors. According to the IMF, integration into the global market promotes economic growth, development, and poverty reduction. It is also viewed that openness to trade is an essential element of successful growth strategies. Imports have a significant positive effect on productivity growth but exports do not. Furthermore, the evidence reveals that the productivity-enhancing impact of imports is due to competitive pressures arising from consumer goods imports and technological transfers embodied in capital goods imports from developed countries.

Custom Clearance

Every country in the world has an organization called Customs. The job of the custom is a sovereign Act which means that it is an act that denotes the supremacy of the government of the land. It tells people what you can do while coming into the country. Also, what should be done while going out of the country? It is a barrier that has to be crossed, and the process of crossing that barrier is known as Clearance. So Custom Clearance is the process of crossing the barrier that is “Custom”.Deskmate facilitates custom clearance services in Chennai

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