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You will have access to Deskmate International Courier shipping solutions for consumers as a courier partner. You will serve as Deskmate’s booking point for customers’ courier needs.

For all regions/zones, base pricing excluding GST will be provided, to which you may add your desired profit margin as you see fit. We also give our partner network additional support by informing them about popular demand centers near partner booking locations.

Educational institutions, tech parks, business offices, and housing complexes are examples of demand centers where partners can produce volume by utilizing marketing materials given by the Deskmate Global Express design team as part of the partner agreement.

We make the Best of Less Investment

Most Trusted And Authorized Logistics Partners all over india. Connect with us.

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I can able invest in deskmate

Your investment is your independence, Choose your investment plans based upon our structure and schemes also with your financial planning.

I can Earn up to

We are the one and only Courier franchisee partner to  give you the highest return of investment (ROI) with the lowest risk factor of all the predefined structures has been already built for you.

Become a own Businessman

Deskamte global express provides you an wonderful opputunity to become an extrodinary entrepreuner with the lowest investment and best return of investments schemes.

Why Franchises with Deskmate


Numerous local logistical facilities, ranging from retail stores and drive-through pickup locations to dark stores, urban warehouses, and remote stockrooms. Our Deskmate Global Express has a big and global logistics supply chain network to meet all of the people’s logistical needs.


Do you want to start a global logistics company? It goes without saying that the logistics industry is extremely profitable all around the world. With a small capital commitment, anyone may start a business in this area.


One of the most profitable logistics business ideas to start with a small amount of capital is a logistics company. The operational area is large. The precise organisation and implementation of a complex operation with the highest income resource is known as logistics.

Looking for a 3PL partner for your business?

Deskmate Global Express acts as a 3PL (Third-Party Logistics) partner to handle outsourced inventory management, warehousing, and order fulfillment for your company so that you can concentrate on your core business activity.

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Steps to success

Deskmate Global Express mission is to be the word most reliable partner in operating sustainable innovative highly automated warehouses, developed by our own people.

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What’s our happy customers says

Deskmate Global Express delivers a quality and timely service in a given time bound with safe and secure method.


Is there any Questions ! Feel Free to ask Us
Contact to your nearest international courier services .Make sure your products are packed properly with the guidence of international courier services , and provide the proper documents to ship your products.
You can calculate your shipments rate according to the country were your are going to send your products, calculate your shipment prices on deskmate global express live cost calculator
Contact deskmate global express for the best international courier franchise oppurtunities and also search in many online platforms
The profit margin and return of investments is high , but it depends upon the investment schemes and according to the franchise company.
The well reputed business franchise depends upon the field Expreience, Deskmate global express is on of the best franchise provider in india with best return of investments.
the courier franchise is the shipment of products or consignments from one place to another place is called as the courier business , some of the well reputed companies provide franchise or branch oppurtunities for other business peoples to work over them.
The Franchisee is the branch or sub sector of the main business or franchise to the business, the franchisee will collect the shipments in their zone or area and the remaining process will be take over by the main franchise or company.
The Courier franchisee earning depends upon the shipments in his zone or area , although his profit margin is high .
The Courier franchisee is one of the highly profitable business , and its return of investments is high.

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With the security, knowledge, and competence of the worldwide Deskmate global Express brand and the proven success of our 20-year business model, you may start your own profitable logistics consultancy business.

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