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Deskmate Global Express is the cheapest courier service in Chennai. By entering the weight and destination data into our Live Cost Courier Charges calculator, you can estimate the cost. Evaluate the costs of Economy and Express Courier based on your specific needs and expectations.

how to calculate volumetric weight calculation method

How to Calculate Volumetric Weight of my Consignment

Take a ruler and measure the height of the consignment in the front view and measure the width on the top corner and note down the bottom length through your ruler. Then fill the measured value in the calculator.

Volumetric Weight


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You can easily track your order by just entering your Tracking ID in the tracking column and you will get the information of shipment
After placing your order you will get the Tracking ID on the right side of your login page. And you will get the Tracking ID number to your registered mobile number and email ID.
yes, We will update you at each stage of the shipment through your registered mobile number. You can also check it with your Tracking ID number by entering it on the website.
It usually appears when your shipment is not received by the courier receiver or they would have not scanned the number. Don’t worry refresh it after 5 mins and you will get the update soon.
Yes, we offer doorstep pick up your items to be shipped. Contact our customer support for further details to avail of the service.
It is based on the destination your courier has to be delivered to. Our courier service takes usually a maximum of 4-5 business days.
Yes, with the Express courier service it is possible to delivery the parcel on the same day based on the region of the delivery addressvision to make a tangible difference in the International Logistics space !
You can cancel and change the address with your Login Portal or can use our customer service to inform you about the changes.
It is a unique number or code that is assigned for your parcel, courier, or shipment to trace the status of your products.

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