Common mistakes to avoid in air freight forwarders

Mistakes to avoid in International Courier Shipments

Air freight forwarders are the agents who are responsible for the movement of goods from one place to another on behalf of cargo owners. They use the most cost effective and convenient methods with the best shipping company to ensure that every point of the journey goes smoothly. This Air freight Forwarder plays a vital role in the Chain of international trade. The freight forwarders’ responsibility begins with the pickup, which is the first step to the delivery that is considered the last step.

Role of Air Freight Forwarder

1. Air Freight Forwarder will provide you with the best possible advice on export expenses like freight expenses, port expenses, consular fees, documentation costs, insurance fees, merchandise costs, customs clearance, and charges that are generally incurred during the process of export.
2. They will have you with the delivery and suggest the best possible route so, that the transit cost and time are saved. This is useful when you are sending some perishable goods.
3. Air Freight Forwarders preplan the cargo space booking in the plane, truck, or train for a smoother flight. Also, they coordinate with your goods insurance and take measures if there is any accident.
4. Air freight forwarder helps you with documentation such as the bill of lading, airway bill, etc. They work closely with the customs agent so that the goods and documents comply with customs regulations.
5. They will keep a close check during the goods transit and will take immediate action to the problem if any.

Must for freight forwarder

Experience– Experienced companies have an edge over others as there is no substitute for experience. Experienced companies have the solution to every upcoming problem as they have already gone through all of these problems. The problems like lockouts, dockworkers’ strikes, emergency reroutes, calamities, and overseas customs issues will become easy for them when they are experienced.
Network– Running as an international freight forwarder, you need quite a few good contacts. Your chosen freight forwarder should have worked with some of the best freight forwarders. A stronger and good network helps in proper crisis management and ensures a smoother movement of goods because that’s how the freight forwarding process works.
Tie-ups– Tie-ups with recognized international associations like IATA. What is IATA
Cargo Agent – IATA stands for the International Air Transport Association. Airline companies that fulfill the requirements of ICAO can be a member of IATA. This program by IATA is very beneficial for both passengers and the airlines. It allows sir freight forwarders to achieve recognition in the industry for their financial and professional expertise.
Area of expertise– You should be aware of the area of expertise of your freight forwarder. As there may be someone who is an expert in handling hazardous goods, or adept at shipping perishable goods. Choose one according to your needs.

Common mistakes to avoid in Air freight forwarders

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