Do you need an express courier service abroad?

Express courier for Abroad in International Courier

Express courier is the courier that delivers the goods within one day or so. Express delivery is the fastest mode of the courier. Express courier focuses more on speed, safety, and accuracy. The hours of the courier depend on the location. For international couriers, this facility can take more than one day. These facilities require quick response and care as the courier company charges more money for this express delivery. As we know, this is the 21st century here people want everything to be fast previously people used to wait for days and days to receive their goods. But now people can’t wait as there are lots more things to do. They can give extra money to get their parcel as soon as possible. Through Research, we conclude that around 61% of people tend to go for express delivery because of the time lapse between standard and express delivery.

Difference between Standard delivery and Express delivery

1. The cost– The cost of both couriers varies a lot. Express courier charges more as compared to the Standard courier.
2. The Time– The process of Standard courier is slow, but it is the opposite when it comes to express courier as the name says all.
3. The warehouse Despatch -The goods take 5- 6 days to despatch from the warehouse in the case of standard couriers, but it only takes 1-2 days to despatch from the warehouse.
4. The delivery– It takes 6-7 days to deliver goods in standard courier, but when it comes to Express courier. It only takes 24- 48 hours. Express delivery to abroad may take 2- 3 days depending on the distance.
5. The mode of transportation– The mode of transportation is also different, as in express delivery we use airways but on the other hand roadways or the waterway is used.

Features of an express courier

1. Quick delivery– Speed delivery is just the synonym to express delivery as express means fast. The main aim of this feature is to deliver the goods as soon as possible. Without any delay and mistake.

2. Time -On-time delivery is the main factor for express couriers. Timely delivery will only make this feature successful. Speed, security, and timely delivery are the main aim of this feature.

3. Customer satisfaction-Customer satisfaction is the key. This facility came to safeguard the time and energy of the customer. So, the company does the whole work. There is no work and time load on the customer.

4. Safety-Safety means taking care of the goods so that there is no damage to the product. No customer wants that their consignment is broken or damaged. So this is not only the main point of express courier but the key to all the courier types whether it’s a standard one.

5. Increased cost-Express delivery is expensive as the process of express courier is faster and resources used in this process are more. Many people choose this process as they can pay more but can’t wait for their parcel for a long time.

6. Fewer options of vehicles available – As we all know, the fastest mode of delivering goods is the airway. Roadways and waterways are not too fast. But when talking about express delivery. Many times both airways and railways have to come together for the best delivery.

7. Increases your customer base– As mentioned before 61% of people choose express delivery because of the timely delivery. If your courier company has this feature then definitely you have a good customer base.

8. Door pick-up – The process where the parcel is picked up from the customer’s doorstep so that there is no image damage or the customer is not satisfied because there is the involvement of the third party and because of their Delay the product is not delivered on time.

Some of the steps in the express courier are as follows

1. Understanding customer’s needs- The essential thing is to understand the needs of the customer in the way they want to deliver their goods. Understanding the proper need will help in your planning and hence lead to satisfied delivery.

2. Fast and Proper planning and analysis – Then after understanding the needs of the customer most thoroughly comes the planning and the analysis of the delivery. Planning will include all the factors like the cost, the transportation, the team, the activation of all the tools, checking all the factors which the customer wants, etc. The Analysis will include checking and understanding the needs and the process very closely.

3. Fast execution – After planning all the things closely, the time comes for the proper execution. The things you have planned should be executed properly so that the customer can receive their parcel before or on time.

4. Tracking of the whole process- As you are charging money for your service, so there must not be any issue or problem in between. Tracking the product closely will help you solve the coming problem then and there and hence reducing the chances of denial and damage.

5. Proper feedback- Then at the last, it’s important to take feedback as it will help you in your business growth. You will be able to improve if any mistakes are happening. At last this the main point, as we have to deliver the goods with express delivery, so the whole process needs to done fast without making any mistake as there is no time to waste on the same step again and again. International courier company – These are some of the courier companies which deal in the express courier and they will fulfill all your needs and will not give the chance of complaint. Companies are:
1. TCI express courier company 2. Sprocket courier company 3. Express delivery courier services 4. DHL courier company 5. Ecom express courier company 6. FedEx courier company 7. DTDC courier company These companies have their operations throughout the country, but there are courier services that have their operations in Tamilnadu as International courier services from Tamilnadu to abroad. A few are DHL,and many more. One of the best international courier services in Chennai is Deskmate international courier. Deskmate is very popular for its best services, and it will deliver your product within the time- bound and with safety and security.

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