How many days it takes to deliver a parcel from Tamilnadu?

How many days it takes to deliver a International Courier from Tamilnadu?

International trade is so common nowadays. Numerous entrepreneurs uplifted their local businesses towards the global market and made lump sump amount from it. Almost crores of goods are exported every day from India. India is a top exporter of the following goods :
Iron and steel
On average an ordinary couirer takes 9-12 business days to deliver a parcel, while express delivery takes only 1-2 business days from Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu is the crust of Tamils, a state in the southern part of India. Famous for its temples, celebration of arts, and festivals. It comes as the 10th largest Indian state in terms of area, whereas at the sixth position in population. Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu is the oldest civilization in the world. Karnataka and Andra Pradesh cover it from the north, Kerela bound it from the west, the Bay of Bengal from the east, and the last Indian Ocean from the south.

Factors affecting the delivery time of parcel

The amount of time needs to deliver a parcel from Tamil Nadu depends on two factors mode of transport and the distance between Tamil Nadu and destinated country. Still, there are lots of other factors that affect the delivery time of your parcel. Some of those are :

1. Weather Conditions – Whether the cargo is shipped by sea or air, weather condition harshly impacts the delivery of the parcel. Many flights get delayed due to bad weather results, the failure to meet expected delivery timing. Similarly, ships get deviated from their route during harsh weather conditions, and further adjustments after this incident take an ample amount of time and also have the ability to lag you behind up to a week.

2. The issue at customs – Customs is a crucial part of every shipping procedure. To avoid any delay at customs, make sure your documents are accurate. Being an exporter you have to be alert and stay away from mistakes like misdeclaration or mismatch of data on documents such as number or goods, net weight, etc. At customs, your goods are examined by the representatives, and if they find any fault the goods get stuck resulting in a delay in delivery.

3. Damage cargo during transport – There is always a risk of damage and loss of cargo during the shipping procedure. Successful delivery includes various chronological successful steps of the shipping process, such as loading, pickup, etc. At every step, there is a high risk of damage and loss. Therefore to conquer such damage, exporters often apply for shipping insurance. Still, this becomes the reason for the delay in delivery in many cases.

4. Labour shortage/ strikes – Labour shortage and labor strikes are the two factors that impact the shipping process from the root. During the peak season, the dockyards and air freight zones noticed having heavy rush, and at that moment a lot of cargo is meant to be shipped within a limited time. Hence requires labor in large amounts, and when the supply of required labor is not fulfilled it results in a delay in shipment. Similarly, when the laborers sit on strikes because their demands are not approved, the shipment gets stuck on the ground and disturbs the whole chain.

Express Courier

The fastest form of shipping is Express Courier. Customers are obligated to pay extra for this service. Your parcel will be delivered within 1-2 days at the destination. It successfully delivers your courier fast because when you request express delivery, your parcel’s entire journey is almost covered by air.

International courier in Chennai

Chennai is a city in the southern state of India called Tamil Nadu. Chennai is well known for its culture and spirituality. Chennai is situated near the Bay of Bengal hence helping in international trade. There are several international couriers in Chennai, but one of the best international courier companies in Chennai is The Deskmate International Courier. Deskmate is one of the best and leading courier services in Chennai. The company has progressive thinking with fast-growing logistics solutions. Deskmate owns a good reputation in the logistics business. Deskmate international courier is the courier service that delivers your shipment safely and securely in a time-bound manner. The main aim of Deskmate international courier is to help their clients with their problems, provide them with the best solutions, and ensures the best and safe transit of goods. Deskmate international couriers give access to live web tracking, with real-time statistics and door pickup service. They have a strong reputation in the market and have the best customer reviews all over the market. They provide international courier services at affordable prices and ensure that every client is highly satisfied with their services.

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