How to send an international courier from India to Europe?

The best International Courier From India to Europe

Courier services send your goods from one place to another, no matter what’s the location. Courier services bridge the gap between the destination, which helps people to send whatever they want to their friends and family. Courier companies work in two ways: The first is the Domestic courier, and The second is the International courier services. Let’s see each with an example.

Domestic courier services

Domestic courier services are the services that help to send goods from one place to another within the borders of the country.
For example – Animesh, who lives in Bangalore (India), wants to send beautiful Krishna scenery to his friend, who lives in Indore (India). Here, the courier he will use will be considered a Domestic courier service.

International courier in Chennai

International courier services are the services that help to send goods from one place to another outside the borders of the country.
For example – John, who lives in Europe, wants to send jewelry set to his sister, who lives in India. Here the courier he will use will be considered the International courier service.

First trade between India and Europe

The first European called Portuguese came to India through a sea route in the 18th century. During that period, these people were out to search lands that will provide them a good profit through trade. They used to buy the goods that were available at a low price and will sell them in Europe at a high price. We all know that India produces good quality cotton and silk, and there is a great demand for cotton in Europe. This factor of supply and demand attracted these Portuguese, and they not only used to buy cotton and silk but also spices. In this way, the trade between India and Europe begins.

Trade Relations between India and Europe

The third largest trading partner of India in Europe.
India is one of the most emerging developing countries in the world.
Trade between India and Europe increased by around 25% in the last few years.
There is a high demand for cotton in Europe, and India produces good quality cotton.
India is the 10th largest trading partner to Europe.

Indian products which are in High demand in Europe

Here is a list of some of the top products exported by India to Europe.
1. Indian gems and jewelry
2. Textiles
3. Tea
4. Tobacco
5. Spices
6. Cotton and silk
7. Leather
8. Handicrafts
9. Organic chemicals
10. Iron and steel
11. Electronic equipment
12. Pharmaceutical products
13. Glass and glass wear
14. Cereals
15. Animal origin

International courier services to Europe

There are many international courier services in India and they will send your goods to Europe. Some of the best international couriers in India will deliver your goods safely and conveniently to Europe from Tamilnadu. So some of the Europe couriers from Tamilnadu are Shiprocket courier service, DHL courier, Eurosender courier service, FedEx courier service, and Aramex courier service. But one of the best and cheapest courier from Chennai to Europe is the Deskmate international courier service. With some of the best courier companies, you can send the parcel to Europe with safety and security. These are some of the best Europe courier services in India. Now it’s time to see some of the features of the best company, Deskmate international courier.

The deskmate international courier is one of the best international couriers in Chennai.
Deskmate is one of the cheapest companies in Chennai.
Deskmate will help you send a courier to Europe from Chennai with safety and convenience and will charge you accordingly and with minimum charges.
Deskmate international has the best customer satisfaction which is proven by the customer review on their website.
Deskmate will provide you with additional facilities like door-to-door service, tracking facility, insurance facility, and many more. This facility attracts customers, and its quality services create good customer relations.
Deskmate international courier is working on their upcoming solution and their future- oriented plans.
Deskmate is a trusted and genuine courier company that has its heart on many of its customers, and the company stands out in the crowd.

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