Send Medicine to Foreign Countries through international courier

Sending Medicine courier to other countries

Send Medicine to Foreign Countries

International medicine Courier is no longer a challenging task. With the help of technology
and a plethora of logistics providers like Deskmate global express, this is now feasible with
just a few mouse clicks or taps on your smartphone. All you have to do is find the best
courier service for you, follow their method and fill out the paperwork, and they will deliver
your package to your door. There are a few precautions to follow while shipping
pharmaceuticals because some drugs that are prescribed in India are deemed illegal in
Europe, the US and other countries and such medicines can only be supplied with a valid
doctor’s prescription.

Documents required for the shipment of pharmaceuticals

The following documents are necessary for sending medicines between India to foreign countries:
• Addresses for the sender and the recipient are correct.
• Valid prescription from a doctor
• The sender’s KYC documentation (2 in number)
• purchase bill for the drugs

Challenges faced when shipping medicines from India to other countries

There is a flip side to every coin. Although these logistic businesses have made sending pharmaceuticals relatively straightforward, there are a few roadblocks in the way of delivering drugs from India to other nations, including:
• Clearance of customs
• Prescriptions validity.
• A few medications are affected by temperature.
• Prices for a very little package may likewise be exceedingly high.

Deskmate to ship medicines between India to foreign Countries

Send any item to any foreign country using the Deskmate Global Express international courier service. Deskmate Global Express’s extensive network and reach ensures that all pharmaceuticals approved by the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION (WHO GMP CERTIFIED), the US FDA, and the European Union are shipped and delivered. If you believe a shipment is being rejected by other overseas couriers, give us a call; we might just be the individuals you’re looking for. Using an international courier service, such as Deskmate international express, that has experience transporting pharmaceuticals to foreign nations, can save you a lot of time and effort. Experienced shipping services, such as ours, can assist you in understanding the rules and forbidden medicines that you cannot ship to your preferred foreign location. Furthermore, it is important to know before delivering medicine to foreign countries that it is accepted in foreign countries in order to prevent unwelcome charges.

Some interesting benefits of our services are:

• Door to door services
• Custom Clearance expertise
• Unmatched value for money prices for domestic and international courier service
• International packages will be delivered in 4 to 6 business days
• Free packing
• Each shipment carries insurance
• Reach to 220+ countries world wide
• Packaging for international travel proof
• Simple documentation
• We carry anything globally
• Power to choose between normal delivery and express/ same say delivery
• Detailed real time online tracking
• Money back guarantee
• Online payment option
• Easy shipment planning services
• Free home pick – up

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