How to Ship A Cell Phone Internationally: Key Steps for the Safest Package Delivery

Ship A Cell Phone in Deskmate International Courier

Want to send Cell Phone Abroad? It’s a difficult decision to make while shipping any electronic items. No worries, here we will help you to send your cell phones abroad. Before moving further, you need to get awareness about the restricted items for international trade. There is a battery called Lithium – ion, which is a restricted battery. Lithium-ion battery comes in the category of hazardous goods. The battery is liable to overheating as they are sensitive to high temperatures. This battery type ends up breaking down faster compared to the normal ones. If these batteries’ packaging is incorrect it may lead to severe widespread damage. Why this discussion about Lithium-ion Batteries? As these Lithium-ion batteries are pre-installed within the devices. So it’s crucial to take the proper safety measures to ship cell phones hassle- free.

Packaging of a Parcel Containing Cell phone

Packaging is the most important thing to do, as it ensures the safety and protection of the parcel if done accurately. There will be no stress if the packaging stuff completes accurately. Here are some tips for the packaging of cell phones for international delivery.
1. Appropriate Sized Box-The very first step is to find the best Sized Box for the packaging. The box should be of a size wherein we can fit the phone properly.
2. Use Bubble Wrap- Ensure that you are filling the box’s space with some Bubble wrap. Using Bubble Wrap will ensure that the phone’s surface is not exposed.
3. Use the Original Manufacturer’s Box -Using the Original Manufacturer’s Box will give the phone extra packaging that ensures the phone has an extra layer of safety and protection. Before using any shipping box, ensure its first packaging layer is the Original Manufacturer’s packaging.
4. Proper Sealing -After both the packages’ Original Manufacturer and the Shipping package, it’s time to seal it properly. It would be suggested to use a good quality of tape which ensures good protection and safety. Seal the package from all ends and ensure there is no place unsealed.
5. Take measurements -After the package is fully Sealed, it’s time to take the dimension and box weight.
6. Attach Labels- After measurements, the next step is to attach the labels of the parcel to the most visible area. It should be easy to read and contain the necessary information, like the delivery address, contact number, name of the receiver and the giver, etc. Do stick the labels in more than 1 area that will be convenient for the delivery person to send your parcel to the right place.
7. The Final Dispatch -After all the packing completes, it’s time to dispatch the parcel with the best courier company you have chosen.

Safety Measures

Sending Mobile Phones abroad is not an easy task to do. Some safety measures should be taken care of and done before sending these parcels with the help of courier companies. As discussed above, Cell Phone has Lithium-ion battery, and it’s crucial to handle them accurately. The very first thing is to turn off the cell phone before starting your packaging. If the phone is not switched off, then there is the risk of danger to the people involved in the delivery. The second thing that is to be considered is that don’t charge the battery too much, 25% or 30% is quite enough, charging the battery too much will lead o causing a dangerous situation.

International Courier Company

There are many International courier companies in India. But every courier company will not help to deliver parcels carrying hazardous goods, and here we have cell phones. These courier companies also have employees who are experts in transporting these dangerous items. This group of people will help you in sending your parcel. They will give you the best tips on packaging and many more. Choose the courier company wisely and do your proper research on the same.

Deskmate International courier

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