How to Ship a Laptop: Tips You Need to Know

Ship A Laptop in Deskmate International Courier

Want to ship a laptop? You might wonder, but it’s an easy job if you have good knowledge about it and especially the awareness of great packaging. Shipping an electronic item is risky unless and until some things are considered before shipping. The laptop has a battery called lithium-ion battery which is quite a dangerous battery, if not handled accurately it may generate severe danger.
There are two things that should be considered and that are-
1. The first and most important thing is to pack the laptop very nicely.
2. The second thing is to choose the courier company wisely so that you can ship your parcel safely.

Packaging Tips

1. Using best quality packaging material- Using the appropriate packaging items is very important as it gives high security to your laptop. Also, using good quality packaging items will ensure that the device is not moving from its place.

2. Using the Original Packaging Box -The first packaging of the laptop should be its original packaging if possible as it has two reasons. The original packaging is always great as it already has an accurate packaging system involved. Also, it helps in the proper identification of the brand and the product.

3. Use filters for the proper packaging – While packaging, make sure that your laptop is not hitting the Walls of the package as it may cause damage. It’s crucial to use fillers that include bubbles or simple paper cuts you need to fill the space for proper sight packaging.

4. Secondary packaging – After using the Original packaging, use the secondary packaging for more safety and security. The secondary packaging safeguards the initial packaging hence, safeguarding the final product.

5. Proper-Sized Box- While packaging, it’s crucial to use an accurately sized box according to the size of the laptop. The container should be accurate enough that it should not be too loose. And on the other hand, it should also not be a too tight fit.

6. Proper Sealing- After the initial packaging, followed by secondary packaging, it’s necessary to seal the product. Use good quality sealing tape, and there must be no space vacant for the sealing. The sealing should also be done twice for more safety and security.

7. Using Labels -After the sealing is done, attach labels to the package in more than two places for more visibility so that there is no confusion. Also, the label should be fully informative and have all the necessary information like the address, the name of the person, the contact, etc.

8. Finally, Take Measurements – After the complete packaging, make sure that you measure the package from all angles. Also, take the accurate weight of the parcel.

Tips for Choosing Courier Company

Before choosing any courier company, the following things are to be considered, and they are as follows –

1. Good experience – The company you choose should have good working experience so that they already have ready-made solutions to upcoming problems.

2. Companies Expertise – Expertise is the field of work in which they are perfect. So the company should have the expertise in sending laptops or electronic items.

3. Reviews on other websites – There are many websites on which existing customers post their feedback. Go and check those reviews for better clarification on your decision.

4. Pricing policy – Cost is crucial in every good and service rendered. So it’s necessary to compare different companies so that you have a clear vision about the price that suits your budget.

5. Compare Companies – Price is not only the factor that should compare. For instance, if you want a one-day delivery, then you have to compare the companies, who is the best one-day delivery courier company. Overall services and your need are also to be compared between companies.

Deskmate International courier

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