Important questions you need to ask your courier service while shipping goods

Questions to ask for International Courier while sending shipments

Be aware while sending international courier

All couriers claim to secure your deliveries and make them all on time and intact. Every time we go for any services, we have tons of questions to ask the company so that we are on the safe side. When customers clear all their queries by asking each question in their mind, then they will have no doubt and will be clear about choosing the company or not.

1) What is your industry experience?

The very first and utmost question to ask is what is their industry experience. Experience in every field is required. And field-like courier service experience defines the goodwill of the firm. Suppose someone chooses a company for sending parcels abroad with less work experience. Then they might not be able to give you all the expected facilities. The courier company involved many steps and technologies which the newer company will not be able to provide you. Based on the previous talk we do not conclude that we should not give a try new company, we should go for them but keep the other factors in mind. Choosing a company depends on the type of service you want, the kind of product you need to deliver, and many other aspects. Must check reviews on sites such as Google and Better Business Bureau. Also, you must check the experience of this company when they ship abroad.

2) Do you have a company’s license?

A license is official permission or permit to do, use, or own something. For your security, you must check that the company has one. It is for your safety and security. Many frauds and scams are going on around us. So never hesitate to ask any questions which pop into your mind, as your security is the prime priority

3) What makes you different from other courier companies?

It is a very cross-forward question that often everyone should ask their courier service. This question answers your many other questions. We know that market is big here several companies are also waiting in line. So if any company wants to shine out from the other competitors, they will provide you with the best Information. Customer satisfaction is the priority of every company. Is there any international courier service available that helps me to approach near me like an international courier service? There are many similar things which every company will provide you. But some utmost customer service which some will provide, you should choose that one. Ask them about their previous experience and any challenges they have overcome. Have they worked with large clients or do they offer any unique services that others are not?

4) How responsive are you towards your customers?

The most important thing to ask is, what are the responsibilities of their company towards their customers. As you are searching these many things not only for one or two-time delivery but you want to want with them in future also. You don’t want them to treat the same as others every single individual needs some special treatment. And not only these proper delivery is the main task of the customers. So they expect the courier company acts as a partner to them. Customers expect to understand everything and deliver the best possible service. They should be on hand to offer expert guidance, even if it means suggesting a service that makes them less money.

5) How will you stay in touch with me?

This question will clarify all the things about the company. They are willing to provide the tracking facility, GPS tracking, and other facilities. This is the main point that they will be in touch with you when they pick up the delivery from your side. Updation of each step of the delivery is necessary. Is it in time, whether there is any delay, weather conditions, or other stuff? If your courier lacks standard responses or would not be able correctly to address your concerns, choose another one.

6) What are the prices?

Here comes the most crucial question. What will the cost of a particular service? Most services will already have some affordable pricing, although the catch is that the pricing is not usually for all customers but a specific type. Ask this question to find why their price is the best to identify if you match the customer type it caters to. Cost matters a lot as it affects the price to the end customer when we talk on behalf of a company.

7) What type of technology do you use?

As we know, technology plays a vital role in courier service, much work that a person cannot do manually but technology makes the job much easier. So, it is a plus point to know which type of technology they opt whether it is an updated version or they are still using the old one. The answer to this question will determine how easy it will be for you to work with them over time. Will you be able to place an order online, or will you need to call someone? It depends on the answer whether you choose or switch.

8) What training should be provided to your drivers?

Whether the service has thousands of employees or much less than a thousand, it is crucial to have reliable drivers. This reliability will occur when your drivers are well trained and educated. Without drivers, no packages will be getting delivered on time, if at all. More importantly, depending on what kinds of documents and other materials. Their drivers must have full insurance in case any mishap happens. If a company assures you that they perform entire background checks on all drivers, you are good to go.


When choosing an overseas courier service, you want to ask the right questions for peace of mind. Never hesitate for a moment, as your hesitation will leave you with numerous questions and queries. Experience, reliability, and a well-built service-oriented business model can help give you the edge you need. If you know what to ask, you will find the best possible delivery company to hire for your needs.

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