International Air Freight Forwarders in Chennai

Best Air freight Forwarders for International Courier in Chennai

Chennai is the gateway to the rest of southern India. It is a major cultural and administrative center of Tamil Nadu. And hence, the largest state and leading commercial center in the south. The establishment of the Air Cargo Complex led to the emergence of airfreight forwarding in Chennai. It was established at the Chennai Airport in the year 1978. In 1978, all the regulatory and facilitating agencies were put under one ceiling. To cater to air cargo movement in the southern region. This cargo complex is spread up to 20 acres and consists of four divisions: import, export, air courier, and domestic cargo facilities. In 2001, Chennai Airport became the first international airport to receive ISO certification. Hence, that gives an idea of how good Chennai companies stand in the line of air freight forwarding. Chennai freight forwarders facilitate a hundred percent security. The cargo terminals installed adequate numbers of the latest X-ray machines, electronic weighing scales, and explosive trace detectors. Apart from this, they have skilled workers that make sure that your package doesn’t get harmed while loading and unloading. They also have a facility for live tracking the parcel that gives you live updates. International Courier Service in Chennai ensures affordable and secure air freight forwarding.

Air Freight

Air cargo or air freight refers to all the cargo moved by air except passenger baggage and mails. Air freight is the transfer and shipment of goods via an air carrier, which may be charter or commercial. Such shipments travel out of commercial and passenger aviation gateways to anywhere planes can fly and land. Air freight is a system of transporting freight by aircraft. Air freight/cargo can be defined as all cargo moved by air except for mail and passenger baggage. Air freight is the best option when it comes to speed and convenience. The fastest way to get goods to their destinations, air freight helps you reach these and other time-sensitive projects by providing fast delivery of cargo while minimizing unexpected delays or obstacles. Air transport services are the most valuable when it comes to moving express shipments around the globe. When goods are shipped from one place to the other, the amount paid for the movement of the goods is called freight. The demand for air freight is limited by cost, typically priced 4–5 times that of road transport and 12–16 times that of sea transport.

Global trade is the import and the export of goods amongst various countries. Air transport continues to play a vital role in keeping the world’s supply chains running. Air cargo has played a crucial role in getting time-sensitive and high-value shipments. From one point to another. Air transport is very well known between manufacturers and consumers. In the COVID-19 pandemic, shipments that took too long to get from one point to another were transported by air. Air transport has allowed countries to take part in the global market. By giving them access to primary markets and allowing globalization. Air Freight also helps countries to specialize in activities where. They have a comparative advantage. It also helps ease trade with countries that provide other goods and services.

Advantages of Air Freight

High Speed.- The very important advantage shipper gets through air freight is the high speed. Air freight offers the highest pace possible to transport the cargo. If the freight delivery is in an emergency, then shippers must go for air freight. Air freight also avoids any weather challenges which other transportation have to suffer. Hence, this leads to a fastening of the speed of air freight. If you deliver your goods on and before time. That creates a good business relationship. It is only possible through air freight
Expensive – Air freight is an expensive mode of transport compared to other ways of transportation. For establishing air transportation, it needs massive investment in Port, planes, etc. It leads to an increase in the final cost.
High reach – Air freight can reach any part of the globe. There is no such big obstacle on the way to cover the destination. It can almost cover the entire world to deliver goods and services. Which other transport can not do because of not so good infrastructure. Many airlines in India have a massive side network of destinations covering every corner of the world. Because of this, you may deliver your goods to any corner of the world.
High level of security and reduced risk of theft and damage – Shipping by air offers the advantage of a high level of security, as the airport safety controls over cargo are tight. Tightly managed Airpot controls also reduce cargo exposure to theft and damage.

Deskmate Global Express

Deskmate Global Express aims to help clients resolve their unique logistics challenges and provide custom solutions to ensure the safe transit of goods. Deskmate Global Express has expertise in Air Freight Forwarding. It provides the best service. Deskmate Global Express has a strong reputation for impeccable courier services all over the world. We provide international courier services at affordable prices and ensure that every client is highly satisfied with our services. It is one of the best international couriers in Chennai.

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