Restricted and Prohibited items in International Courier

Restricted goods which should not to be sent in International Courier Services

International trade is the purchase and sale of goods and servicesbv done across the border. International trade helps in building a good relationship between countries. The concept of international trade began when people started traveling and exploring new things that they do not have in their countries. International trade bridges the gap between the unequal distribution of resources among countries. International trade helps people to explore and learn new things that they are lacking in their domestic country. There are many goods and services available in the world. Some of the resources are good and some are not. Also, every country has its own rules and regulations regarding the import and export procedure. Every country has a different process of customs clearance, and it’s a strict and time-consuming process where everything about the imported goods is checked. Certain goods are restricted and prohibited to enter the borders of the country. This thing is done keeping in mind the safety and security of the country. Also, there are different cultures adopted by different countries, keeping in mind all the factors there are some goods that are restricted or prohibited to enter the border of the country. There is a difference between the word prohibited and restricted. Prohibited means something which is formally forbidden by law whereas restricted means something that is put under control or limits.

Restricted goods

Plants and their produce
Firearms and Ammunition
Personal Radio transmitter
Gold and silver except for ornaments
Telephone of restricted frequency
Family planning device
Sand and soil
Human Blood Plasma

Prohibited goods

Drugs and psychotropic substances
Incorrect map of India
Pornographic Material
Chemical Weapons
Wildlife products
These were just some of the examples but there are many more goods that are restricted and prohibited to enter the border of our country keeping in mind all the safety and security of the country and the people of the country.

International Courier Company

There are many best courier firms for e-commerce services in An international courier is a courier which helps to send goods from one place to another outside the borders of the country. These international courier services help a lot in international trade. These courier services help in bridging the gap between the distance between people and things. Numerous international courier companies in India help you to send your parcel from one country to another. Some of the best international courier companies in India are DHL courier, Express courier company, Aramex international courier, FedEx international courier, UPS courier, DTDC courier service, and more. These companies are having a good working experience in the market and help a lot in international trade. These companies have some of the best features and they are –

1. Door pickup– Door pickup is the pickup when the courier companies give you the convenience of not going anywhere for giving the parcel. It’s automatically taken from your doorstep.
2. Express courier – Express courier is the courier which helps you to send your parcel with good speed so that there is no delay and waiting.
3. Tracking facility – A tracking facility is a facility that helps customer to track their parcel seating in their comfort zone.
4. Safety and convenience -These courier companies provide their customers with the best of safety and convenience so that there is no problem for their customers. Unlike other international courier companies in India, there is one of the best international couriers in Chennai which is the Deskmate international courier.

This courier company also works as an international courier company and helps in international trade. Deskmate international courier is one of the best and cheapest couriers in Chennai. It provides all the features which will help you to have the best possible experience like door pickup, door-to-door service, express courier, tracking facility, updated technology, good workforce, best vehicles, etc.

Deskmate international courier has the best feedback on their website and they have a good customer-business relationship which helps them to be outside of the crowd. It has a decade of experience which gives the customer the way for trusting them over others. Deskmate has very good ratings and reviews on not only their official website but also on other review websites. Deskmate Global Express is progressive thinking with fast-growing Logistics solutions which helps them to solve the problem of their customers as fast as they can. Deskmate international courier is the courier which works as one of the best partners for all businesses whether it’s domestic business or international. Deskmate is one of the best international parcel services in Chennai, India.

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