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Send your items from Tamilnadu to Singapore & Malaysia in International Courier

International courier is the procedure of sending goods and services outside the country’s border. Global Courier Company helps in shipping the packages of a person and also for firms and businesses. International courier helps in connecting nations and helps them with the proper distribution of goods and resources. It also helps to make people understand the culture and diversity of other people and their presence. Before this, people were unaware of the presence of these many resources. It is now possible only and only because of international trade and these international courier services.

Relationship between Singapore and India

Singapore is one of the megacities of the world. Singapore is a city-state, an island country in the Southeast Asia of Southern Malaysia. It was founded as a British trading colony in 1819, and since it’s Independence in 1965, it has become one of the world’s most prosperous and tax- friendly countries. Singapore enjoys a tropical rainforest climate with no distinctive seasons. No wonder it lies just one degree north of the equator. The country is known for its transition from developing to developed in a single generation under the leadership of its founding father, Lee Kwan Yew.
1. Singapore is India’s 10th largest trading partner having 25.9% of trade, while India is Singapore’s 12th largest trading partner.
2. Refined Petroleum ($3.12B), Special Purpose Ships ($490M), and Raw Aluminum ($245M) are the highest export of goods from India to Singapore.
3. Integrated Circuits ($894M), Special Purpose Ships ($751M) are the highest goods imports from Singapore to India.
4. In 2020, India made total export of $7.23B to Singapore; in the same financial year, Singapore exported $11.3B to India.
5. The bilateral trade between Singapore and India raised after the introduction of the Indian economy in the early 1990s.
6. International courier services help in connecting these two countries. Any individual or business can send a courier to Singapore safely and conveniently.

Relationship between Malaysia and India

If countries would be awarded for diversity, Malaysia would top first place. Not only is melting pot of ethnic cultures, but it is also a blend of many different customs, cuisines, and religions all coexisting peacefully together. From large island groups of mountains and tropical rainforests, the country’s geography is every bit as diverse.
Malaysia is India’s third largest trading partner, and India is one of the top largest trading partners in Malaysia.
Malaysia is coming out as an utmost investor in India in various sectors like Roads and Highways, Telecommunications, Oil & Gas, Power plants, Tourism, and Human Resources.
Exports to Malaysia from India have increased from 3.98 billion USD to 6.43 billion USD.
Imports from Malaysia to India have increased from 9.47 billion USD to 10.81 billion USD.
International courier service helps in sending parcels anywhere. Individuals/businesses can send a courier to Malaysia safely and conveniently.

International courier charge from Tamil Nadu to Singapore and Malaysia

Generally, the cost of the international courier is charged based on the weight and the distance. Distance from India to Singapore is 6,911.7 km and from India to Malaysia is 6,507.6 km. The parcel’s cost is calculated on certain factors, but the best two are the distance and the weight. Some companies have different measurement tools, but these are the most common.

International courier in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Several international couriers in Chennai provide the best services to their customers. But in many of them, Deskmate international courier services are phenomenal as it works for their customer’s happiness and needs which is the key to their success. Let’s see some best things about the Deskmate International Courier in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
Deskmate international courier is the best courier in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
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Deskmate gives some of the best services like door pickup, express courier, tracking facility, updated technology used, good customer support team, well-developed vehicles, week packing guidance, and works as an international parcel service.
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Deskmate international will work according to the needs of the customer. If customers need fast delivery, they have that. If you need a safe and convenient delivery for a fragile product, they have that you can get each and the facilities you need there.
You can take the help of Deskmate international courier for sending any of the parcels or goods from Tamil Nadu to Singapore or Malaysia as they will help you in the best possible delivery with the live tracking facility and the best working and coordinative team members. It works for their customers, and the customer’s happiness is Deksmates’ Happiness.

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