Shipping Oversized Packages from Tamil Nadu

Shipping Oversized Packages from Tamil Nadu in International Courier

Tamil Nadu is the southernmost state of the beautiful country India. It is well known for its culture and beauty. The capital of Tamil Nadu is Chennai and it is also the largest city of Tamil Nadu. It is the second richest and week established state in India after Maharashtra. Tamil Nadu is the tenth-largest State in the area and sixth-largest in population.

What is an oversized Package ?

There is no particular definition for the oversized package. Every courier company has its way to decide which package is oversized or the standard. Some of the famous courier companies like UPS, USPS, DHL, and FedEx also have their criteria to decide the Packaging Size. Some courier companies decide based on the weight of the package and others decide based on the dimensions of the package. For instance, if the package weight exceeds 150Ibs then it’s oversized and if any package exceeds 108 inches in length then it’s oversized (According to UPS courier Company).

How to Pack Oversized Package?

Shipping an Oversized Package has lots of challenges in itself. Generally, this kind of Oversized Package is not handled by a Human body but it’s done by equipment like pallets and forklifts for extra safety and convenience. You can consider the below points to have a safe and legal journey. Generally, if your final package has a DIM weight of over 150 pounds, then it’s an Oversized Package.

1. Use a quality product- The regular packaging item won’t work in the case of an Oversized Package as it requires more safety. Using the appropriate and quality packaging products will help.

2. Use the right box- Always go for the right-sized and shaped box to save both space and money. If the box is too big, then you might end up spending more money and on the other hand, if you try to fix your oversized package in a smaller box then you will end up damaging your goods which will cost way more money. So choose the box according to your goods, not too big not too small. A box where your goods are safe and secure.

3. Organize your packaging- Human nature always finds a way to save money which is not always right. You should consider all the factors of packaging so that you are not only saving money but you are also giving good space to your goods so that they can survive.

4. Use a good amount of Fillers- Use filters to fill all the empty spaces in your package. Fillers help to save your actual good from any obstacles and provide protection. Fillers support the initial packaging when they’re in a movement in transit.

Cost of Oversized Package

Generally, the cost of the shipment is calculated based on its weight, dimensions, and distance from the pickup to the destination. When talking about the Oversized Package, courier companies do charge some extra amount considering factors like safety and space covered. Dimensional weight or DIM weight is a general way to find out the price for your parcel. This is generally calculated by multiplying package height and length and width. After that divide it by the Carrier DIM factor. Generally, every courier company has its DIM factor.

Volumetric calculator

Volumetric weight is the weight calculated after taking into consideration the height, width, and length of the parcel. the consignment in the front view and measure the width in the top corner and note down the bottom length with your ruler. Then fill in the measured value in the calculator.

International Courier in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is a good exporter of India. It works well good in Trading and marketing. Tamil Nadu had very great courier companies which help both domestic and international courier companies. A domestic courier is a courier which helps in the transportation of goods and services within the borders of the country and on the other hand, an International courier is a courier wherein the goods and services are imported and exported outside the borders of the country. Grace international courier, DHL courier company, DTDC courier services, FedEx international courier, UPS courier, and Blue dart courier are some of the very best courier companies in Tamil Nadu. These courier companies help to ship every type of goods and service whether it’s small or oversized, standard shaped or oddly shaped, etc. These companies work from Tamil Nadu to everywhere internationally. Talking about one of the best courier companies in Tamil Nadu is Deskmate International courier. Deskmate international courier is one of the best and most prominent companies not only in Tamil Nadu but all over the country. Deskmate gives the best possible services like express courier, door-to-door service, tracking facility, and many more. Deskmate works for the betterment of their customers and helps them with every problem.

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