The top 6 tips for Packing oddly Shaped items for International Shipping

Packing oddly Shaped items for International Shipping

In this article, we are going to see how you can ship your Oddly shaped items internationally. So for that, you should know what are oddly shaped items and what comes under this category. Those substances which do not have a fixed geometrical shape are oddly shaped items. An odd- shaped object can be anything that does have a proper fitting shape. Anything that doesn’t fit into the mold of a square or a rectangle. Some of the oddly shaped items are sculptures, a cycle, or even a car bumper to ship. They cannot be contained within a usual carton box.

6 tips to pack oddly shaped items for international couriers

Here are some tips which you can use while packing your odd items. And can send them to any international destinations very safely and conveniently. These tips will make decrease your workload and this will reduce the risk of transit damage. Here are some tips to customize packaging.

1. Secondary package or shipping box – Secondary packaging mostly comes in the form of large shipping boxes. Secondary packaging includes boxes or containers containing specific quantities of primary packages. Where international logistics are involved. Secondary packaging forms an essential part of a complete product or a shipment. Good outer packaging not only safeguards the product from damage. But also helps create a positive brand image. Try to use a rectangular box for external packaging. Common examples of secondary packaging include the following: Corrugated cardboard boxes Cardboard cases Paperboard trays Plastic boxes

2. Use fillers and wraps– Wrapping is one of the simplest ways to protect items during shipping. Wrapping items in paper, foam, or bubble wrap provides cushioning. And protects items from scratches, scrapes, and dents. Wrapping is a great option for small- to medium-sized, irregularly shaped objects. That needs a little extra cushioning in the package. Helps in customizing the shipping. It is recommended to leave at least 5 cm between the outer and the inner packaging. The space between should be filled with a protective filler material. Such as bubble wrap, Styrofoam or Styrofoam chips, and crumpled paper. In most cases, an old newspaper will do just fine.

3. Sealing the package tightly– Just as you would lock the door to your house to safeguard your personal belongings. Maritime containers also need to be secured and locked to prevent pilferage. And tampering with the goods within, while on their way to their destination. Sealing of the package tightly ensures safety. When sealing the bottom and top of your box, ensure the tape extends over the sides of the box a few inches. This makes it more difficult for the box to burst open if it gets tipped or lifted improperly. Use a high-quality shipping tape that is designed for heavy-duty purposes. Instead of trying to use basic duct or masking tape to seal your package.

4. Use pallet boards for heavy items– A pallet board is a shallow portable platform used to help the handling of goods by forklift trucks. Often, packages are packed together on a pallet. And then over-packed or shrink-wrapped to form a unitized load. Pallets are commonly made of wood, plastics, or fiberboard. A four-way pallet is particularly useful, as it is constructed to enable forklift truck tines to engage from any of its four sides. Its use can range from storing, securing, and stacking. And handling all types of materials for different ways of transportation.

5. Shipping Insurance – Shipping insurance is a service that may repay senders whose parcels are lost, stolen, or damaged in transit. You can say that Shipping Insurance is a protective measure for securing products for shipment. Shipping insurance can protect goods from a variety of unfortunate circumstances, typically including theft, damage, improper handling, and more. Most services already include insurance in the price, but you can buy more insurance when shipping an oddly-shaped item of higher value.

6. Labelling a package – Are you worried that the courier might not treat your parcel with utmost care? Then you must not take any risk and tape the address label securely on the flattest surface of the item that you are shipping. This way people who handle the international shipping procedures will know that the package requires extra care. For extra safety insert a copy of the label inside the box as well. The companies will provide the best services. And help customize packaging in packaging your oddly shaped items. And provide the services with safety and convenience. Companies are FedEx International Courier Services Company, Aramex International Courier Company ECommerce, Blue Dart International Courier Services Company, Delhivery International Courier-Services Company, Ecom Express International ECommerce Courier Partner, DTDC International Courier Delivery Company, DHL International Courier Services Company, India Post International ECommerce Courier Delivery, Picker International Courier Services Firm, UPS International Courier Delivery Partner, and many more. Various companies in Chennai will provide the best services when it comes to Insurance. One of which is Deskmate Global Express.

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