know important things before Shipping Documents Through Courier

Sending your Documents & parcels Thorugh Courier safely

How to Ship Important Documents Through Courier?

Certain documents will be the most valuable piece of Paper That’s why people send them over courier service rather than Sending them by mail or fax. These documents hold Special importance as they can hold valuable information about a person regarding their name, proof of birth, etc. Example of such Document includes
• Aadhar Card
• Driving License
• Pan Card
• Passport
• Voter Id
• Company Registration Certificates
• Business Agreement Papers
• MOUs, NDAs, and other legal documents.


There are some important bills and documents that are authenticated for seals and signatures to be sent safely through the courier service. Some of the documents and papers are
• Cheques
• Debit or Credit Cards
• Bank drafts
• Bill of exchange
And other Student Documents like:
• Original Marks Sheets
• Graduation or PG Certificates
• Convocation Certificates, etc.
have to be sent only through courier.
Sending those important documents via courier can raise several doubts in your question about the safety of the document. Or you may need those documents if you are shifting to a new country like the USA or another. Don’t be afraid, Deskmate Global Express is here to help you out with a guide on how you can ensure the safety of these important when sending them via courier abroad. Deskmate global express provides the complete solution by sending it with a highly packed consignment so that it has 100% safe and secure.

Documents Packaging Procedure

Since what you are shipping is the important paper you need to make sure they are not misused, you can use the tamper-proof bag for packaging those documents. The tamper-proof bags will be get sealed easily and one needs to open has to tear it, By which you can easily make sure that your package hasn’t been opened by anyone in between the transporting process.

Sending an Important Document Can Be Done Quickly

Use the Deskmate Global Express international courier service to send any documents to any foreign country. The broad network and reach of Deskmate Global Express ensures that all vital documents are delivered safely and securely. Give us a call if you believe you have vital documents that cannot be transferred by other international couriers; we might just be the people you’re looking for. You may save a lot of time and work by using an international document courier service like Deskmate international express, which has experience transporting many types of documents to foreign countries. Experienced shipping services, like ours, can help you comprehend the restrictions and regulations that prevent you from shipping to your selected international destination.
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