What is a Courier Aggregator?

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Trade is a process of buying and selling goods and services emerging technology. There is a concept called E-commerce where people can use their net for trading. This concept has made the trading process easy. People are unto E-commerce a lot as it saves their time and energy. E-commerce is a way convenient option for trading. E-commerce is a process wherein goods and services are purchased or sold online with the help of the Internet. Now some partners in these E- commerce stores help them run their business. One of the essential partners is the courier companies which facilitates the delivery of their goods to the customers. Now, these E-commerce stores can run their business from one place. But they do receive an order from different locations, and one courier company cant fulfill all of their packages. Your buyers are not located in only one region of the country. Here courier aggregators come into the picture. Now see what is Courier Aggregators.

Courier Aggregator

A Courier Aggregator is a business that has a tie-up with many courier companies. It collects them into a single platform and helps businesses to connect with their customers. They’re here to make eCommerce shipping easier for you.

Advantages of Courier Aggregators

1. Easy access to Courier Partner – Courier aggregators are the platform that has a tie-up with multiple courier companies. When there is a need for numerous couriers to the business, these aggregators help you to select one with the help of your past good courier companies.
2. Shipping rates– When your order increases, scaling up with the same courier will increase the delivery cost. If you are going for multiple courier companies, then you will get a different delivery cost. Here comes the importance of the courier aggregators that will provide you with similar rates to numerous courier companies.
3. Unified tracking – One of the biggest challenges when you have a boom in your orders, is checking the delivery status. It becomes very challenging for businesses to track their order with multiple couriers. But in the case of Courier aggregators, you can check the status of multiple orders on a single page with the help of API integrations.

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