What is the Aero Bill number explained?

Definition About the Aero Bill number explained in International Courier

The Air Waybill is the most important document issued by the airline’s authorized agent. It is a non-negotiable transport document that covers cargo transport from Airport to Airport. The air waybill is issued for the air carriage of goods on the receipt of goods after the completion of export customs formalities of the country. However, the number is to be reserved and given to the Customs Broker in advance. It is a document that provides detailed information about the shipment and allows it to be tracked. The Air Waybill has multiple copies so that all parties involved in the procedure can document it. An Air Waybill (AWB) or Air Consignment Note is a receipt issued by an international airline’s appointed cargo agent for goods movement by air and testimony evidence of the contract of carriage.
Master Air Waybills have eleven-digit numbers that are also used to make bookings, check the delivery status, and the shipment’s current position.
• The first three digits are the airline code.
• The numbering sequence is usually three digits, four digits, and four digits. It is unique to each particular shipment.
IATA designs the airway bill’s format. It can be used for both domestic as well as international air transportation.
• These are available in two forms, airline logo-equipped Air Waybill and neutral Air Waybill.
• Usually, airline Air Waybills are distributed to IATA cargo agents by IATA airlines, but currently, neutral Air Waybills or the E airway bills are being utilized.
The crucial copies of the Airway Bills are, The first three copies are classified as originals.
• Original 1, is the Issuing Carrier’s copy.
• Original 2, is the Consignee’s Copy.
• Original 3, is the Shipper’s copy
• Copies no: 4-5-6-7 are for Delivery Receipt, for the airport of destination for the third carrier and the -second carrier.
• And copy no: 8 is for the agent.
It’s best to print information so that it’s clear and easy to read.
• But if you need to handwrite the Air Waybill, make sure the details are legible on all copies.
• This will help the carrier ensure a smooth delivery; however, it is not a market practice since everything is online or computerized.
While preparing an Air Waybill please remember these guidelines: Important documents to keep with you, to fill in the details:
• Invoice
• Packing List with detailed sizes and weights of individual packages covered.
• Letter of credit or the shipper’s letter of instruction.
• Flight Booking detail of the Airline

Contents of Airwaybill

1. Shipper
2. Consignee
3. Issuing Carrier Agent Name and City
4. Agent’s IATA (International Air Transport Association) Code
5. Account Number
6. Airport of Departure
7. Routing and Destination
8. Airport of Destination
9. Freight /Date
10. Accounting Information
11. Currency
12. CHGS code
13. WT/VAL
14. Other
15. Declared Value for Carriage
16. Declared Value for Customs
17. Amount of Insurance
18. Handling Information
19. Number of pieces RCP
20. Gross Weight
21. Kg/Lb
22. Rate Class
23. Commodity
24. Chargeable Weight
25. Rate/Charge
26. Total
27. Nature and Quantity of Goods
28. Other Charges
29. Weight Charge (Prepare/Collect)
30. Valuation Charge (Prepare/Collect)
31. Tax ( Prepare/Collect)
32. Total Other Charge Due Agent (Prepaid/Collect)
33. Total Other Charge Due Carrier (Prepaid/Collect)
34. Total prepared/collected
35. Signature of his shipper or his agent
36. Executed on (date)
37. At (place)
38. Signature o Issuing Carrier or its Agent

All below details are to be provided by Airlines: for the freight collect shipment :

• Currency Conversion Rates
• Cc cheques in Destination Currency
• Charges at Destination
• Total Collect Charges
The Air Waybill issued by a carrier is a Master Air Waybill. If it is issued to the actual Shipper, it would normally show the actual Consignee or his agent of Consignee or the destination bank in case of shipment under the letter of credit. If it is issued to a The forwarder would list Forwarders as Shipper and Forwarder’s agent/office at the destination as Consignee. In such cases, The forwarder would issue their own Air Waybill to the actual Shipper with the actual Consignee. Such an Air Waybill is called a House Air Waybill.

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